Collection SS’20 JU-JU

Her usual morning began with a cup of strong mint tea and a spoon of tangerine jam. Next favorite: catching a sunny bunny and letting it straight to a neighbor’s cat eye. So what if the cat is black – these two have been friends for a long time. Now she can go on a date with the city!

She gets: a bit of spices for the taste of the day, her favorite rose water for color and as always a sprig of argan tree. But why argan tree? – There are things understandable only to her: her own JU-JU.


At the moment she leaves the door of her house, she meets the wind – her cheerful companion, light and shadow, and also birds and animals, sounds and smells – all they start dancing such a beautiful dance.

How is she doing all that? Certainly there is a place for magic

There is no magic here: she’s just a woman, and you know, they always fill their lives with faery! 


Collection was inspired by female rituals and habits, which they only can understand. All those Ju-ju that make their lives so amazing.